About Us

133893722Every business could benefit from having their own in-house legal counsel. In-house counsel can provide a business with legal services usually at a fraction of the cost that a business would pay for the equivalent time spent by an outside law firm. Moreover, because they aren’t burdened with working for many diverse clients, in-house counsel generally have a better understanding of their client’s business as compared to traditional law firm attorneys. The problem is that not many small to medium sized businesses have enough legal work to justify the cost of a full-time legal counsel’s salary. Instead most businesses end up having to rely on high-cost legal services from outside counsel on an ad-hoc basis or worse yet, they forego any legal services and thereby increase their business risk.

General Counsel Consulting is the legal services solution to this problem. General Counsel Consulting provides a part-time in-house counsel service especially for small to medium sized businesses. With General Counsel Consulting businesses enjoy the benefits of having their own in-house counsel without having to pay a full-time salary.